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Re: This Month's meeting??

why not Sarai

Sarai is a better place than anything like Eden gardens(Delhi Haat)

It has got a nice seating arrangement and tables
all with computers as well as electricity availiable and
also recently projector has been installed there
So with all the facilities for a meeting avaliable at
there is not even a single odd against that

So you see it should be there else find out a better place
and I think no one has a better place than Sarai with all these


Think again and again and again

Kishore Bhargava wrote:

> Are we having a meeting this Sunday, if so where? There is strong
> possibilty that Prof. Gurunandan Bhat will be in town and it would be
> great to have him at the meeting.
> Raju, if the meeting is in Delhi (not Sarai) ;) then there is a
> possibility of you finally getting the debian CDs ;)
> Cheers...Kishore
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