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Re: IPCHAINS Implementation

just use squid with a 100-500mb disk cache, and 64mb memory cache... though
these actually depend on the kind and number of users that you have.
Nowadays some sites even expire static pages and images, so it wud be
prudent to do some aggressive caching. Things that you might like to do wud
include blocking banner ads, putting a minimum time to expire for all the
non dynamic content (any url that does not have a question mark) By doing
this i saw significant improvements in performence...
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> I am to install SQUID for my LAN shortly. My question is: what is the
> amount of RAM and Hardisk to be reserved for SQUID. I am having 128 MB RAM
> and 8 GB SCSI, with 128kbps leased line. Any hints on the performance
> optimisation?
> > also note that in case you just wan't to block web access, then it is
> better
> > to set up transparent proxying with squid, and then letting squid do the
> > filtering. With squid you can set up simple rules for access blocking,
> with
> > ipchains, it is really difficult to block anything effectively. ipchains
> is
> > better suited for protecting your internal network, and disallowing

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