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Re: IPCHAINS Implementation

Dear Ritwik,

The best option to achieve this without any major configuration changes is
the implementation of ipchains.  

I have a very simple but good article on ipchains attached with this mail.
Which will be enough for you to configure what you require.

Cheers !!

George Joseph T
On Sat, 20 Jan 2001, Ritwik Patra wrote:

> Dear All,
> We are using LINUX server for last 7 months and with greate
> results in Deepalaya. The process of communication and
> documentation has become very effective for all Deepalaya
> units all over Delhi. Now we are facing a problem. We have
> to set up firewall at the minimum level. Like we want to
> block some sites. Can anyone tell us how to do it. Please
> tell us the easyest way so that we...with our moderate
> knowledge on Linux can do it. We know that firewall can be
> established at various levels. But we want to only block
> some sites.
> Awaiting your kind advice.
> Thanks and regards.
> for Deepalaya
> Ritwik Patra
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