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RE: Linux kernel 2.4.0

I tried Caldera's eDesktop 2.4 - The Linux Technology Preview (LTP) that has
2.4.0 kernel. I had 2.2.14 before that was running just fine and so is this
one. Frankly, I would suggest that you upgrade your kernel only if you
really have to e.g. if you want to pick up support for your additional
devices, etc. 

Here are some highlights of 2.4.0:
The new kernel boasts of better scalability and tighter security. Version
2.2 of the Linux kernel can scale well only to as many as four processors,
whereas many high-end systems ship with eight and 16 CPUs. But the revised
2.4 kernel can handle 16 or more processors without taking a large
performance hit in coordinating tasks among CPUs.
Networking support and storage enhancements have also been made in 2.4. For
instance, NFS (Network File System) Version 3 is now supported by the latest
Linux kernel, offering a more stable network file system with increased
Limited USB support is available in 2.2-based Linux systems, but the
much-improved USB capabilities of 2.4-based machines will make the new
version essential for desktop and laptop systems.

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> Has anyone updated the kernel to  this release. I beleive that the releae
> of
> the stable version has been released on 4th January 2001. What are the new
> features and is it necesary to upgrade from 2.2.x
> Dipak
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