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Static IP

I believe that DishnetDSL gives out static IP's.  However, I wouldn't
recommend running a service on a 64K at home.


-- Raju

>>>>> "vivek" == vivek chawla@idilia com <vivek.chawla@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    vivek> I want a static IP for my work as some people need to log
    vivek> on to my machine from outside for work. I have an ISDN
    vivek> dial-up connection.  Can anyone tell me the way to get a
    vivek> static IP. I was told VSNL is the only ISP that gives out
    vivek> IP's.

    vivek> And the VSNL rep told me that you should have a leased line
    vivek> before you get a static IP.

    vivek> Any suggestions?

    vivek> Vivek
Raju Mathur          raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx           http://kandalaya.org/