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Re: project in linux...

Sunil Dhaka <lindel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> before doing any work in linux one should have a institutional backing.
> I second that. Its a big blow chasing the biz guys for your hard work.
> However, many qualified ppl working as sysadm do tend to take on such jobs
> as salaries are not comensurate with the job performed and resposibilities
> shouldered. ( and who wouldn't like that extra buck till such time he goes
> thru the grind of getting his due ) Forming a formal group to pool in
> resources will have its own administrative hassels and neways its a free
> country so whos going to stop free lancers even if they were part of such
> a group. So its all a catch 22 situation.

This is indeed something to be given serious thought to. In fact this
"institutional backing" was (is) part of the reason why the whole process of
"societyfication" of linux-delhi is being carried out.

That reminds me... what is the progress on that?


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