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Re: Want To know about unix internals

On Thu, 18 Jan 2001, Vikram wrote:

> For Unix internels refer the book Unix Internels by Maurice J Back. Its a
> nice little book to start with.

Design of the Unix Operating System by Marice J. Bach.  It is by far the
best book I have seen in its class.  Absolutely brilliant.  I wouldn't
call it "little".  After you finish reading it, you will be in a position
to write your own OS ;-)  The best part of this book is that although when
I cam accross it in 1993, I had no CS theory background.  Yet it made
clear to me all the reasons for the file-systems, why you couldn't
decrease directory size, how systems call are implemented, etc. 

US retail price is $70, I used to have an Indian Edition.  Please note
that this is an SVR4 book, c 1987.  You will NOT get a feel of Linux APIs,
but you will be able to grasp kernel concepts.

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