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Re: WinME-Linux Mount

Hi ,
        But it works fine on my system. Only that I am not able to unmount
the partition using its unmount option. And expolre2fs is perfect, you can
get it from freashmeat, provides read write access to ext2 filesystem
unlike the program by Peter van Sebille.
    But Ptr van Sebille's project is more advanced as he has created the
ext2 filesystem driver for windose and allows access from explorer when fs
is mounted using a mount prg provided in the package.
    But writing a file created in windose to ext2fs using explorer2fs
causes other problem -- dos/windose considers newline character as a
combination of /r and /n so these files if they are configuration files of
linux give problems & you have to open them once in pico and then save them
(vi does not help here as it recognises dos format and linux format as it
has been ported to dos). I did this mistake and my linux gave booting
       Also the this program by Peter van Sebille is also listed on the
ext3 website. Search there for a new version. I don't know whther a new
version is available or not as I do not use it much.
                                  Vikrant Dhawale

> Ext2 file system mount for Windows 95
> Version 0.16 by Peter van Sebille
> But when i run the windows explorer, even though it shows "hdb5" as one
> the drives, as soon as i try accessing it thru the dos shell, or thru
> windows explorer, the computer hangs.