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[ANNOUNCE] VishwaKarma 1.1 released

Just a note to let you know that VishwaKarma, the Web Hosting Control
Panel version 1.1 has been released.  As always, you can download it
from http://www.kandalaya.org/

Feedback is welcome.  And if someone is conversant enough with the
package to start writing documentation, I'd be extremely glad if s/he
would contact me.

The next version is likely to have tons of dynamite features,

- Much better security model using cookies, strong encryption and
session management (already done, seems to be working).

- More features (reports, stats, utilities, MySQL management,
FrontPage, etc.)

- Better look and feel

- Some amount of customisability (graphics, etc.)

- More control (max domains per reseller, max e-mails per domain)

- Notification facility

- mod_perl integration for speed

- And of course, tons of absolutely fresh and new bugs!

Changes from v1.0:

* VERSION: Check in version 1.1.
Start version 2.0.

* INSTALL: Change order of hostMap ACL's in slapd.conf.  The
original order doesn't work.

* system.pl: Change all hardcoded program and directory paths to
values defined in %Config.

* ISPConfig.pm (ReadConfig): Add various programs and directories
needed by system.pl to %Config.  Corresponding changes in
Add Hostname (for local host name) and URI's for utility web

* system.pl (doProcmailrc): Fix so autorespond won't reply to
mailer-daemon and bouncing addresses in procmailrc.

* userMod.cgi: Add check for valid user name.

* VK.pm: Destructor of class VK::LDAP should check for validity of 
self -> {LDAP}, not self -> LDAP before trying to destroy it.

* system.pl (doQuota): Add --reseller flag.  Group quota shall
only be changed (deleted) if the reseller flag is present.
Changed call to doQuota in reseller handling to pass --reseller


-- Raju
Raju Mathur          raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx           http://kandalaya.org/