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Technical festival in Delhi Institute of Tech.

I had written earlier, but recieved no positive reply. So, here it is again.. Like every year, Delhi Institute of Tech is organizing a National level technical festival sometime in March this year. We have various events like Programming contests, Quiz, Paper presentation, Hacking/Cracking, etc...
The event is recognised and partly sponsored by IEEE and ISA.

We plan to have a Video Conferrencing session with some Linux big-shot. Would it be possible for Linux-Delhi/Linux-India to help us somehow in this respect? We would also like to organise a one day Linux Workshop or something.

Once again, money is not a problem. We can rent a decent auditorium for a day if needed.

Please reply if you can help us in some way, particularly in the Video Conferencing thing.

Thanks in advance...

Ankit Mohan

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