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Re: DNS Problems

look in /etc/named.conf it will have the following entry.

options {
        directory "/var/named";

this implies all your files are in /var/named next in named.conf look
for the following.

zone "." {
        type hint;
        file "named.ca";

This implies your list of root servers are in the file named.ca

Now I am not sure why you need a list of root servers at all as they
will be referred to only in case you want to go to the internet which
you say you are not planning to do. I believe just copying the list from
any preconfigured machine will also do.

PS: Try to read the DNS howto just using utilities blindly is never a
recommended method of setting up a server.

chetan dutta wrote:
> Hi! all,
> i am facing some problems in configuring dns, please answer the following
> queries....
> i am setting dns on a lan of around 60 machines with no internet
> connectivity using 1 machine as web as well as dns server,
> i want to name that machine ime.edu, i created necessary files using
> h2n utility but the problem is of root servers, since there is is no net
> connectivity i will have to configure my own root server,
> how do i configure the root server?
> is it possible to use the same machine as root server?
> which file will contain a ns entry pointing to my domain ie ime.edu?
> can root server be made to run on localhost?
> please help
> chetan
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