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Re: Site Download Speed

Ashish Mukherjee wrote:
>I have been asked to do a kinda survey or study of
> download speeds of our site 
Hi Ashish,
A survey like the one you have asked would give you incorrect results as
the factors involved are too many. For starters, a person having a
couple of joints in the telephone wire on an old exchange can try his
best with the ultimo ISP yet he would keep tearing hi hair out. Not
withstanding the other factors, vsnl as an ISP gives standard
performance. Private ISPs with all the bigtalk crawl during peak hours
and blaze during geek hours. Coming to the performance of your website,
lets face it ... you would know very well where it stands. If you want
an honest answer try asking some 10 / 12 std kids. One suggestion ...
dont mix up the performance of your website with an ISPs performance.
Regards and a happy New Year
Sunil Dhaka
in search of Linux enlightenment