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Re: Help Required for Sendmail

I faced a similar problem of sendmail not working in RHL 7
Download the latest sendmail and install ( remember to rpm -e sendmail
You may have a go at Qmail if you want a better MTA.
Sunil Dhaka
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From: "Ajay Anand" <ajaya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 26, 2000 5:27 PM
Subject: [linux-delhi] Help Required for Sendmail

> Hi Friends,
> I am new to the group and infact somehow new to Linux also. I am trying to
> configure sendmaila and am directly connected to Internet thru modem. I
> configured my linux server with VSNL DNS server. I am having Linux Redhat
> 7.0
> When I am trying to send mail outside, I am getting an error "deffered,
> name not found"
> I have no clue about this and I am not having any dns or wins server at my
> llinux server. Pls let me know how to resolve this problem
> Thanks in advance
> Ajay Anand
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