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[OFF-TOPIC] There is a science fiction film series

At Sarai we are organising a science fiction film series. You all are invited to it.

Curated by Nitin Govil

The schedule for the series is:

6.1.2k, Saturday, 4:30 pm
Session 1 - La Jette, Bladerunner

7.1.2k, Sunday, 4:30 pm
Session 2 - The Road Warrior

8.1.2k, Monday, 3 pm
Session 3 - Starship Trooper

9.1.2k, Tuesday, 3 pm
Session 4 - VideoRome Existenz(clips)

10.1.2k, Wednesday, 3 pm
Session 5 - Dark City

Episodes of X-Files and Startrek: The Next Generation, may be added, depending on availability.

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