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[OFF TOPIC] Buying a new printer!!!!

Hi Mohit,

Don't know about the HP, but I use the Epson Series 400 printer at
home and it's beautiful.  A bit slow, but excellent quality.
Unfortunately it has a tendency to run out of ink too fast :)


-- Raju
Raju Mathur               raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  http://www.kandalaya.org/

>>>>> "mohit" == mohit sood <mohitsood@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    mohit> i was looking to buy an ink jet printer .I have almost made
    mohit> up my mind on HP640C but i was unsure if it's configurable
    mohit> under linux . If any one on this list has a clue ,do please
    mohit> let me know .  Also if anyone has better ideas for a
    mohit> printer in the 5k-8k bracket you can mail me .

    mohit> TIA Mohit Sood