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Re: December Linux-Delhi Meeting.

> Seems that SARAI as a venue is too inconvenient for too many
> people. Looking at the very thin attendance that we've been having at the
> monthly meetings lately, I guess we need to look for some other venue,
> closer to central/south delhi, to be used as atleast a semi-permanent
> venue for all future meetings. Suggestions invited.

> Anyway, in the mean while, the December Linux-Delhi meeting is
> being held at the Delhi Haat. Here are the details.
i guess delhi haat shud be quite convinient for most ppl, as it is quite a
central location..
and since delhi haat has addmission fees i guess all of us wud be
contributing for the venue ;)
though i guess that we won't be having any demos or other things at delhi
haat, unless some ppl volunteer their laptops and cell phones!!!

> Venue -- Delhi Haat,
> Opposite the AIIMS,
more like near aiims and opp ina market i guess.. though i don't think that
there are many folks in delhi who don't know where delhi haat is!!

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