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December Linux-Delhi Meeting.

	Seems that SARAI as a venue is too inconvenient for too many
people. Looking at the very thin attendance that we've been having at the
monthly meetings lately, I guess we need to look for some other venue,
closer to central/south delhi, to be used as atleast a semi-permanent
venue for all future meetings. Suggestions invited.

	Anyway, in the mean while, the December Linux-Delhi meeting is
being held at the Delhi Haat. Here are the details.

Date --  Sunday, 24th December.

Venue -- Delhi Haat,
	 Opposite the AIIMS,
		After entering the Delhi Haat premises, move towards the
end of the place, where there's an open-air theater. Thats the venue. :-)

Time --  2.00 P.M. onwards.

Agenda -- None yet. 

Attendance -- All are invited.

-- Sundeep.