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Installation Help

Hi to all,

This is my first mail to this group as i am only a beginner in linux.
I have just upgraded my hdd from Seagate (model ST36422A cap:6.4 GB) to
Samsung (model SV4084D cap:40 GB).Though Linux worked perfectly on my
previous disk but while trying to install Red Hat Linux 6.2 on the new disk
i was unable to make neither native nor swap partition (with both diskdruid
and fdisk) as i got the error : "not enough space available"(though i had
7GB of free space).So i created a partition using a third party s/w
(partition magic)and installed linux but LILO isnt properly installed(i get
only LI at boot)However linux works great if i boot using the boot floppy.Is
it b'coz my kernel doesnot support a hdd of this size??(which i dont think
is the case).I have tried different installation CDs with same result.
i need help.


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