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COMMERCIAL (Linux Training)

Our company Wondersoft Solutions Limited has been in the forefront of
promoting Linux in Education. We also believe that Linux is the only
platform to bring about a change in education.

As part of our training initiatives and the desire to bring about a change
at the grassroot level for beginners and intermediate users we are starting
out a very focused course. We will start out with a small batch of only 4-6
students at a time, at two time slots. Slot I will be in the day for
beginners and the fees for a three day workshop will be Rs. 4,500 only. The
evening workshop for advanced users will be from 6-9 Pm. for 6 days for a
fees of Rs. 10,000. we are also trying to have a tie up with brainbench for
their certification as well as SUSE. The student computer ratio will be 1:1

I wish to give all registered users of LUG who want to update their skills
or learn from practising professionals a discount of 20%.

I would also extend an invitation to all Linux gurus in LUG to please
enlighten us lesser mortals with their knowledge and grace this workshop for
at-least one day of any of the courses. We will be glad to pay a small
honorarium for their time spent. These courses are being formulated as a
public service on a no-profit and not for any overtly commercial reason.

With warm regards

Vivek Sharma
Managing Director
Wondersoft Solutions Limited
91-11-6091061, 6090593