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making a patch from a cvs repository

Hi Anmol,

Ignore the errors, since they're just telling you that the CVS Id
lines are different (which they're bound to be).  Alternatively, check
out the files from CVS without keyword expansion (cvs checkout -kk
AFAIR) before you diff them.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Anmol" == Anmol Khirbat <anmol@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Anmol> Hi I imported some source code into a cvs repository, did
    Anmol> lots of changes and made a Larry Wall patch. The problem is
    Anmol> that I cannot apply the patch to a copy of the original
    Anmol> sources cleanly.

    Anmol> When I run patch, I get loads of Hunk FAILEDs and a bunch
    Anmol> of .rej files. I went through all the reject files and all
    Anmol> of them nearly identical. Here's one of the rej files with
    Anmol> some lines removed.

    Anmol> *************** *** 42,48 ****

    Anmol> ! "$Id: errwarn.c,v 2000/12/04 22:07:32 anmol Exp $
    Anmol> Copyright (c)

    Anmol> --- 42,48 ----

    Anmol> ! "$Id: errwarn.c,v 1.2 2000/12/06 00:20:08 anmol Exp $
    Anmol> Copyright (c) 1996

    Anmol> Looks like something to do with the $Id$ keyword
    Anmol> expansion. Did I goof up when I imported the source in the
    Anmol> first place? Whats the right way of doing things? How can I
    Anmol> produce a patch that applies cleanly to a copy of the
    Anmol> original source?

    Anmol> TIA

    Anmol> bye :) Anmol

    Anmol> :wq