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making a patch from a cvs repository


I imported some source code into a cvs repository, did lots of changes and
made a Larry Wall patch. The problem is that I cannot apply the patch to a
copy of the original sources cleanly. 

When I run patch, I get loads of Hunk FAILEDs and a bunch of .rej files. I
went through all the reject files and all of them nearly identical. Here's
one of the rej files with some lines removed.

*** 42,48 ****

! "$Id: errwarn.c,v 2000/12/04 22:07:32 anmol Exp $ Copyright (c)

--- 42,48 ----

! "$Id: errwarn.c,v 1.2 2000/12/06 00:20:08 anmol Exp $ Copyright (c) 1996

Looks like something to do with the $Id$ keyword expansion. Did I goof up
when I imported the source in the first place? Whats the right way of
doing things? How can I produce a patch that applies cleanly to a copy of
the original source? 


bye :)