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Re: Xserver config

>>>>> "Vivek" == Vivek Chawla <vivek.chawla@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Vivek> I am using linux manrake 7.1.  I chose to start X server by
    Vivek> default during bootup.

    Vivek> How can I turn off this options now?

Open the file /etc/inittab. There will be a line like 
Change the 5 to 3.

    Vivek> Xwindows has suddenly started taking a long time to boot up
    Vivek> after I installed a network card on the machine.  I also
    Vivek> made changes to hostname and ip addresses using
    Vivek> netconf. Could these things be causing the Xserver to
    Vivek> become slow.

Make sure the IP of your network card has a corresponding name or
alias in /etc/hosts, and that name is same as printed by the
"hostname" command.

    Vivek> Also, I couldn't find the file '/var/log/XFree86.0.log' on
    Vivek> my machine. any other place to look for Xserver log?

Start the X server by hand (in a shell).  The path of the error log
(if any) will be displayed on the screen.  You can capture all the
errors by starting X as:
startx 2>&1 > err_file

    Vivek> Thanks everyone.  Vivek