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How Linux was able to access a Formated Drive.

hi ,

Its my experience and any other novice out there could be benefitted by

What happened was, I accidently quick formatted(using MS Dos 6.22) my C
drive (having win. partiton)..which had two O.S installed

 1)RH 6.2 
 2)Win 95. 

some imp. data was there on my win 95 partiton, i tried to unformat it but
was not succesful. so i booted Linux and mounted the partition on which win
95 was installed (the one i accidently quick formatted) and to my surprise
all the data was there and i was able to retrieve it.

Question:-- I want to know how this was possible? i know that quick format
just erases the FAT but how come linux was able to read the old data in the
win 95 partition.

Thanks in Advance

Software Engineer
Dcm Technologies