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Re: [LIH] Trouble with rc.sysinit


try to do 
fromdos < rc.sysinit > junk
mv junk rc.sysinit

The above would basically strip off \r\n & replace with \n. vi says 'dos'
means that the file contains \r\n instead of \n


On Sat, 25 Nov 2000, Vikrant Dhawale wrote:

> Hi there,
>                 I did a foolish thing. I edited the rc.sysinit script and
> changed the value of the variable HOSTNAME where it was declared/defined in
> it. Earlier value was
>                                 HOSTNAME=localhost
> I changed it to        HOSTNAME=Redhat
> Now the system does not reboot.
> I have later replaced the file rc.sysinit to original version from
> explore2fs. But still I am not able to boot in multiuser mode.
> When I boot to singleuser mode I get the following two messages :
> INIT : version 2.74  booting
> INIT : cannot execute '/etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit '
> and then the bash#  prompt.
> The filesystem is in readonly.
> When I try to boot into multiusermode I get the following messages :
> INIT : version 2.74  booting
> INIT : cannot execute '/etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit '
> INIT : switching to runlevel : 3
> INIT : /etc/rc.d/rc :  /var/run/runlevel.dir : Readonly filesystem
> Then when various daemons and services start, touch gives a message
> "Readonly filesystem" for various files /var/lock/subsys/xxxxxx
> After similar messages  from apmd,interface lo,portmapper,systemlogger a
> big wait about 10 mins. then suddenly again similar messages for other
> daemons and services some [FAILED] messages too and then init says no more
> processes in this runlevel.
> Some messages similar to ones found in /etc/inittab.
> Each gives a message filesystem readonly.
> I have studied the /etc/rc.d/rc and /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit and I think the
> problem is init cannot execute /etc/rc.sysinit  for some reason and
> /etc/rc.d/rc starts executing which depends on some actions performed in
> the rc.sysinit.
> Also /var/run/runlevel.dir contains lines /etc/rc.d/rc0.d.
> /etc/rc.d/rc contains a command set `/sbin/runlevel` which is used to
> assign value to variables previous and runlevel. when i run this on prompt
> it gives 3 0.
> When I open these files in vi,then with /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit vi shows
> [readonly] [dos format]
> but with /etc/rc.d/rc vi shows [readonly]. Could this be the problem? Both
> rc.sysinit and rc have permissions 755.
> Will rescue mode help, I do not have RHL cd presently but I can arrange.
> Can anyone help me out.
> I have Redhat Linux 6.0
>              Thanks
>                                   Vikrant Dhawale
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