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Re: Printer Config Problems


Doing a "ls >/dev/lp0" bypasses lpd and your filters altogether, so
you still get staircase effect.

Try "ls | lpr" instead.


>>>>> "ASHISH" == ASHISH MUKHERJEE <ashmukh@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    ASHISH> Pai, thanks for the suggestion about my
    ASHISH> Printer. Magicfilter worked fine. Printtool detected my
    ASHISH> printer on /dev/lp0 and it printed the test page. At
    ASHISH> first, it was printing with the staircase effect but when
    ASHISH> I selected the CR -> LF option Printtool printed the test
    ASHISH> page properly and still does. However, when I do a ls >
    ASHISH> /dev/lp0 or something like that I still get the staircase
    ASHISH> effect though Printtool does it fine. Any solutions anyone
    ASHISH> ?  --- cout<<"Hello World !";