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Re: Kernel 2.40test11 related problem.

Nups, I've configured the sound card using sndconfig itself and now finally
it's working.

But, I've another problem. The kernel issues an error during booting and
shows me the path of the modules to kernel2.2.17 which I was using previous
to kernel2.40. And before kernel2.2.17 was kernel2.2.12-14.

Any idea why is the kernel still looking in the modules directory of the
kernel2.2.17 and not kernel2.40.

Sorry, guys could not make it to the LUG meeting. Bad cold (which I've from
the last week) accompaned with the chilling wind outside preveted me from
coming to the meet. But, looking forward to meet you all sometime next

Bhummanjot S.

Have a nice day :-)

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For sound you have provide parameters in boot loader. I had the same
problem. I was not able to pass parameters as defaults in kernel
compilation. 2.4 has this peculier thing. I am not sure about it. PLS

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