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Kernel 2.40test11 related problem.

Guys how come your kernel 2.40 is operational. I've tried to compile it more
than a dozen times. But still something or the other goes wrong.

After decompressing the archive into "/usr/src/linux2.40test11" directory,
and making a fresh alias link "linux" to this directory. I copied the
initial .config file into the "/usr/src/linux" directory. Then wrote "make
oldconfig" and then selected either "y,n or m" as the case may be for the
new options in the kernal. Then wrote "make dep; make clean; make bzImage;
make modules; make modules_install". During "make modules_install" the
compilation halted at "pcmcia". Then I read the changes file, which says
that the " pc-cs ver 3.xxx is reqd. but if you're not using pcmcia dn't
bother" I've checked and re-checked there is no pcmcia device that's enabled
but still it halts at "pcmcia". Then I tried by enabling some pcmcia devices
and re-compiled everything and it worked. But now the problem is that the
sound card is not working, inspite of checking during "make modules" that
the sound files are compiled and the same during the "make modules_install".
But still I get the error that sound card not configured and on running
sndconfig I get an error saying the file "soundcore.o" not found. Also, I'm
getting errors for my File System, and NFS. I don't know what has gone
wrong. I've checked the file systems too and the NFS too.

Then for the final try, I did a clean wash by "make mrproper" and then
started all again by "make oldconfig" then "make xconfig" to set the new
parameters. Then compiled it and still the same problems.

Is the kernel buggy or something wrong with what I did ?

Bhummanjot S.

Note: I guess Mr. Sunil Dhaka was very much right saying that the chances of
getting a under development kernel working properly are very minimal.