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Re: Installing

Hi anuranjan, i can surely help u out on that, cos before joining this list i too was a die hard windoze user , but now i shifted to RH6.2, it works and it works great..
What i am gonna write is according to me and i might b wrong, so take care while attempting it, and all u guyz out there correct me if i am wrong....
i advice that you start from taking the back up of ur existing data, then formatting ur system from the start, leave about 30Mb of space in the beginning of the drive for the linux boot partition, partition the rest of the disk in three parts, one for linux, one for linux user partition and one for good old windoze, linux user partition is created in case u want to reinstall linux, ur data in user will be preserved, and u can install on linux partition..
then install Windoze of ur choice(NT, 98, Millenium, whatever), 
then install RH or which ever flavor u want, i tried with RH6.2, when it asks whether u want to install lilo, choose no, just create a boot disk. boot the system, if u boot without the floppy u'll get the loader for windoze and if u use the floppy u'll get into LINUX, 

that was it according to me , and i have done this a couple of times, u can do this to get a flavour of LINUX and at the same time use Windoze... This worked for me till now, but the only glitch is thr floppy based booting, in case ur floppy is out or the drive is giving some probs u r stuck, i am yet to find a solution for this prob, though since i am using WINNT i guess  a minor entry in the boot.ini file should solve the purpose, neway if nebody out there can help me, plz pulllllease do......

get back and plz report the result of ur experiments...
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On Thu, 23 Nov 2000 16:45:29  
 Anuranjan Kukreja wrote:
>hi there
>i am a old user of windows and now want to try Linux
>can u please tell me how to install Red Hat
>and  how can i make partition for it, as i have lisned that disk will not 
>work.My computer is alredy having two partitions of hard disk.
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