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Re: replay for linux graphics

Boy!! Thats Great!! IT is really working cool on my system too. I was too
stupid to igmore such a mail.

But I have a doubt, would the clock settings harm my monitor. I have heard of
Monitors going "boooofff!" due to wrong frequency settings etc.

I hope it won't cause any problems to my monitor. I have problem sconfiguring
my SoundCard too, maybe ypu can help. I tried the alsa drivers by PC-Quest in
the RH Linux 6.2. I first tried the AC'97 one, it din't work. Then in sheer
desparation tried all of them. They didnot compile on the first instance.

All kind of suggestions welcome.

Goldwyn :o)

On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I guess we all face the same problem initially with Intel 810 Chipset. I had the same problem. After trying out various things I decided to try the good old trial-and-error method. I found that Xconfigurator can take 1024x768 if LCD Panel is selected from the list of Graphic Cards. 
> Dunno why it works but it does ;-)
> Good luck.
> - Prashant
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