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Re: do vote!!!!!!!

Aditya Bajaj wrote:
> The United Nations via the UNESCO has launched a campaign to select 7
> modern wonders of the world to replace the previous classification which
> was done over 200 years ago. The selection will be exclusively via the
> Visit the site and select your favorite 7 out of the potential 23 o
> the  site. Make sure you select the TAJ MAHAL as one of your 7 choices.
> Please forward this message to as many Indians as possible  AND REMEBER TO
> VOTE FOR The Taj Mahal
how exiciting 
what the @3*() is this.
i don't want to start another stupid flame war
on this stupid topic but 
again why? dear god why???
Pankaj Kaushal <pankaj@xxxxxxx>
*****[Hello to all my fans in domestic surveillance] *****
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