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How 'bout a linux-delhi CD ??

Hi Lokesh,

This sounds like a good idea.  However, do we have someone who has
experience with CD cutting and can make his/her time available for
doing this job?  If so, let's discuss the modalities at the next meet.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Lokesh" == Lokesh Setia <lsetia78@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Lokesh> Hi all,

    Lokesh> I have been feeling this for the past few months and think
    Lokesh> others might have the same feeling.  Linux software
    Lokesh> content in magazines seems to have declined of late (only
    Lokesh> 2-3 random packages slipped in the PCQ CDs... ).  There is
    Lokesh> a lot of recent software available on the net which never
    Lokesh> makes into these CDs.  Most of us have only modem
    Lokesh> connections which makes downloading these software very
    Lokesh> difficult.

    Lokesh> I think it will be a good idea if we can create a custom
    Lokesh> CD every couple of months by downloading stuff from the
    Lokesh> internet, make copies of it and sell it to anyone
    Lokesh> interested (on no-profit-no-loss basis).  I have good net
    Lokesh> speed at office (though not as great as palcom :), and am
    Lokesh> in close proximity to Nehru place for the CD recording.

    Lokesh> I have the following software already downloaded: . Latest
    Lokesh> Mozilla nightly binary+source . Netscape 6 Release version
    Lokesh> . Opera browser . Xine video player (plays video CDs)
    Lokesh> . Yahoo messenger . Gtk-Napster . OpenOffice build 609
    Lokesh> (binary+source) {formerly StarOffice} . kernel 2.4 test 9
    Lokesh> source (might have deleted it... can't recall) . Gqmpeg
    Lokesh> themes (a really great mp3 player) . Gtk/Gdk programming
    Lokesh> documentation . NVidia TNT2 3D accelerated drivers for
    Lokesh> XFree 4.01 (for quake3 etc.)

    Lokesh> All the above software fits easily in one CD.  There's
    Lokesh> still room for more.

    Lokesh> Any suggestions how we can go about it?  And would there
    Lokesh> be any takers?

    Lokesh> Bye!  Lokesh.