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How 'bout a linux-delhi CD ??

Hi all,

I have been feeling this for the past few months and think others
might have the same feeling.  Linux software content in magazines
seems to have declined of late (only 2-3 random packages slipped in
the PCQ CDs... ).  There is a lot of recent software available on the
net which never makes into these CDs.  Most of us have only modem
connections which makes downloading these software very difficult.

I think it will be a good idea if we can create a custom CD every
couple of months by downloading stuff from the internet, make
copies of it and sell it to anyone interested (on no-profit-no-loss
basis).  I have good net speed at office (though not as great as
palcom :), and am in close proximity to Nehru place for the CD

I have the following software already downloaded:
 . Latest Mozilla nightly binary+source
 . Netscape 6 Release version
 . Opera browser
 . Xine video player (plays video CDs)
 . Yahoo messenger
 . Gtk-Napster
 . OpenOffice build 609 (binary+source) {formerly StarOffice}
 . kernel 2.4 test 9 source (might have deleted it... can't recall)
 . Gqmpeg themes (a really great mp3 player)
 . Gtk/Gdk programming documentation
 . NVidia TNT2 3D accelerated drivers for XFree 4.01 (for quake3 etc.)

All the above software fits easily in one CD.  There's still room for

Any suggestions how we can go about it?  And would there be any