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DHCP Settings and LAN Switch Problem

On my LAN I give addresses with a default lease life of 1 hour. Earlier, it
was 8 hours and was working OK. When the no. of machines increased (230
machines: available dhcp addresses 200), I started getting "failed to get
DHCP address" type messages. After setting lease life of 1 hour, I notice
that there are a no. of machines shown in dhcpd.leases file, whereas the
machines are actually switched off. I notice that such addresses are
continuing in the dhcpd.leases file even after expiry of 1 hour time as also
after restarting of dhcp.

Can someone help me with a conf file such that:

As soon as (or a 10 min delay) a machine is switched off, the IP address
allocated to the machine is released from dhcpd.leases


In a different problem, I find that a port on network switch (Intel)
occasionally hangs -- no communication; The LED on the port flicks green and
the cable continuity is OK, the client-machine connects OK from another port
on the same switch. The Network Management SW shows everything fine on the
switch. What can be the issue on the NW switch??


Anand Shankar