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Re: ISDN modem

Hi ambar,

thanx all for the help but now i am facing a strange problem , i am able
to connect to one ISP using script but unable to connect to VSNL .It
says PAP auhentication failure .

when i run the script in debug mode it says chap authentication while i
am using pap .Does VSNL use chap authentication scheme(any VSNL person
who can get me an idea about this)??  

Actually i am using dial on demand so chat is first using 
/etc/ppp/script to connect and then pppd takes control to establish the
connection but at this moment connection fails.

could you please send me the script which you are using to connect.

any idea how to rectify this problem?


Ambar Roy wrote:
> i have been usen a boca isdn ta, model ta128 ... this works fine in 64k and
> 128k connections, if u need i can send u wvdial configs for connecting at
> 128k and 64k using this modem!!
> > can anybody tell me which ISDN modem is compatible with linux and which
> > modem i should use .
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