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Re: replay for linux graphics

I have a Tomat based Chipset and this is what Idid.

Once I tried Xconfigurator. It detected the Sound card as Intel 82810| Chipset
Graphics Controller However It gave me a low resolution of 8 bit - 640x480.
After testing it. I modified the /etc/X11/XF86Config file and changed the depth
to 24 (bits) and Resolution to "800x600" It is working perfectly fine. However
I tried 1024x768 but it din't work (though it supports in Windoze 98) , but for
the time being 800x600 is good enough for me.

Goldwyn :o)

> Hi
> I have installed Linux 6.2 on a Celeron machine and I
> have Intel(R) 
> 810 Graphics card which is working fine with windows.I
> am not able to 
> install Xwindows because this card is not present in
> the list given by the 
> system . and others get good xcongiguration in same
> intel chipset without doing any other things . any
> comments appreciated...