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Re: replay for linux graphics

go to the intel site, and then follow the support links for linux drivers
for the intel 810/815.. you will hav to download a pdf(or html i don't
remember) and two rpms, then follow the instructions given in the docs, and
you will have gr8 graphics on your celeron machine!! and if u r feeling
really lazy, then consider getting rh 7, it detects and installs the intel
810 drivers very easily!

> I have installed Linux 6.2 on a Celeron machine and I
> have Intel(R)
> 810 Graphics card which is working fine with windows.I
> am not able to
> install Xwindows because this card is not present in
> the list given by the
> system . and others get good xcongiguration in same
> intel chipset without doing any other things . any
> comments appreciated...

    /\ |\/| |3 /\ r