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Re: Meeting (Route to Sarai)

Route Info for reaching Sarai

1.	While coming from Rajghat side towards ISBT go past ISBT crossing.

2.	Turn Left off the Ring Road just before DRDO's Metcalfe House. (This
road is called Mahatma Gandhi Marg as per the Eicher Delhi Map).

3.	Landmark - You should see the Metcalfe House enterance on Your Right.

3.	Carry on straight till a "T" junction.

4.	Landmark -	IP College is on your immediate left.

5.	Take a "Right" at this "T" Junction. Stay on the left of the road.

6.	At about 100 meters is a "3 way forking of the road".

7.	Turn left into " North End Road" at the forking.

8.	Continue till the end of the road and turn left at the "T" point. You
are now on Rajpura Road.

9.	Watch for Sarai on your left a few 100 meters after this turn.

Date -- Sunday, the 26th November 2000.

Time -- 2:00 P.M.

Venue -- The SARAI complex,
         29, Rajpura Road,
         Near Delhi University, North Campus.

Hope this helps guys.