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Re: Meeting

Ok, so folks.. here's the official announcement,

The Grand Monthly Linux-Delhi meeting (r), for the month of November is
scheduled for the 26th of November, 2000. As you may notice, the meeting
has been postponed one week beyond the regular schedule, at the request of
Supreet Sethi, to accomodate some distinguished guest from, umm, i think
Amsterdam. (Nice place!! ;)

Here are the details --

Date -- Sunday, the 26th November 2000.

Time -- 2:00 P.M.

Venue -- The SARAI complex,
	 29, Rajpura Road,
	 Near Delhi University, North Campus.

	Look, for the directions to the venue on www.linux-delhi.org , or
better still, hunt for a mail by Krishnan, in the archives. Or, wait till
i figure out CVS well enough to upload new pages to the site.

Agenda -- 1) Raju will speak on something or the other ;)
	  2) Someone speaks on CVS for special benefit of the Intrepid. :)
	  3) Your request here.

Attendance -- All are welcome.

-- Sundeep.