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Re: Open Suggestion: Delhi LUGs HCL

I am glad that the suggestion found a ready acceptance. I readily admit my
inability at this point of time to do the coding, As regards, Holani and
Neil's comments, I have only to add that if this suggestion adds to even 1%
growth in Linux Users Base, my suggestion was worth it and three cheers for
SJM and the team who promised to code and put up the page. Thats what the
Linux Development story is all about. Neils observation
"......Engineers......" is powerful enough for a seperate thread. An
Engineer my self, I both agree and disagree. Any way that is another

Jerry Howell's "A good place to start would be on this site Linuxdevices.com
" is welcome and helpful. My focus was though on list of devices known by
their brand-name in Delhi, rather than chipset or some other internals which
is difficult to get from the packing details or from the "illiterate" (I
do'nt want to hurt any one here, it's genuine) trader down the lane.

Anand Shankar

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> I'm willing to code this page (the crowd gasped at the child's
> statement -- "He's got too much free time on his hands!").
> It'll take some time though.  Any objections to my using Perl?
> -- Shiv JM