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Open Suggestion: Delhi LUGs HCL

Many of us Linux enthusiasts / newbies when buying a PC or a Hardware
Component wish to be sure on the Hardware Compatibility of the locally
available brands with Linux. I recently purchased a Modem: D-Link 56kbps
External which I failed to operate using Linux RH6.2 PPP Dialer. Though I
have still not completed my research on why I failed with DLink modem due to
other preoccupations, I feel it would be a nice idea if Delhi LUG members
can quickly pool up Hardware details which they are already operating under
Linux. Thus in a short period of time we can definetly build-up a database
of Locally available Brandnames which are known to be working under Linux.

Suggestions on methedology of how to build-up this database are welcome. I
propose that some one put up a suitable page on Delhi LUG Website for this

Anand Shankar