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Re: Network Card Blues {Realtek 8139C with Dlink 10/100 Switch} Possible Solution

I came across this link at the Realtek site. Will confirm later if
forcing the card not to Auto Negotiate works.



> I am using a Dlink unmanaged 10/100 switch (16 port).
> Want to use some 10/100 NICs on linux boxes with the switch but am unable
> to. The Realtek linux driver loads without a problem. The NIC
> on linux boxes works fine with the old compex hub but "no go" with the
> switch. Am trying the Realtek 8139C as most recent NICs are available with
> this chipset. The older Realtek 8139B NICs (some of the INTEX ..a commonly
> available company /brand) is however usable with the Dlink switch.
> Suggestions ??