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Re: Meet

On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, Gurvinder Singh wrote:

> Hi Supreet,
> I have been following the LUG list for a while now and am interested in
> attending the meet. What do I need to do?

well do i have to tell u guys the same thing everytime???
u c... in order to become a part of linux-delhi... u have to part-with
something... no no... im not asking for that thing...  it is customary
that u treat part of ILUGD at TGIF's... then buy me a merc s class and
chauffer it around for me for a month...-no pay...
then if we like ur face and mebbe other parts of ur body, we mite let u
attend the meet...
however there is another method... 
just crash at sarai with a couple of jokes and linux tales... and well
gladly welcome you...



Ignorance is bliss.. you know that, dont you???