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Re: Meet

Hi Supreet,

I have been following the LUG list for a while now and am interested in
attending the meet. What do I need to do?

Gurvinder Singh Bains

--- Supreet Sethi <supreetsethi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey guys middle of the month is around the corner and time for the
> meet is not
> far away. As usual meet is by defualt at Sarai ( if no better place
> is found).
> This time I would like that meet happens on 4th Sunday than 3 rd one
> because 
> one of the technical guys at WAAG, Amstredem is coming. I would
> prefer he attends the linux-delhi meet. I think, it would also be
> beneficial for us too cause henk the guy who is coming is experinced
> network and sys admin. He has also contributed to linux kernel. 
> These topics could be discussed in the meet
>        Raj if he is coming would present Vishwa Karma
>        and discuss about society (the usual)
>         We will fight about Redhat and debian
>  and maybe henk would show something 
> (I sound to autoritative) anybody has other plans could add it as
> thread to this letter.
> Supreet 
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Gurvinder Singh Bains
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