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Hey guys middle of the month is around the corner and time for the meet is not
far away. As usual meet is by defualt at Sarai ( if no better place is found).
This time I would like that meet happens on 4th Sunday than 3 rd one because 
one of the technical guys at WAAG, Amstredem is coming. I would prefer he attends the linux-delhi meet. I think, it would also be beneficial for us too cause henk the guy who is coming is experinced network and sys admin. He has also contributed to linux kernel. 
These topics could be discussed in the meet
       Raj if he is coming would present Vishwa Karma
       and discuss about society (the usual)
        We will fight about Redhat and debian
 and maybe henk would show something 
(I sound to autoritative) anybody has other plans could add it as thread to this letter.

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