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Cannot use dual boot in 20 GB HDD

Hi There,

there realy shouldn't be any problems, Linux and Windows both should
support partitions larger than that. I know linux supports them over 1 TB.
You realy should install windows 2000 first as it likes to overwrite the
master boot recort (/mbr), also remember to make a windows start disk when
it prompts you to. The next install should be BeOS, I can't give you any
info about BeOS simply becuse I have never worked with it, but if it asks
you to make a start or boot disk have a clean floppy disk set aside. I can
not over emphasize the importance of makeing a boot/start disk just incase
things go wrong. The next step is the linux install, make sure you set
aside enough swap, if you have 64 MB Ram then 16 MB swap should do. If 32
or 16 mb Ram, 32 MB swap should do. also I'd split the linux into at least
3 or 4 partitions, one being / (this is the root dir) make it about 200
MB, another being /home, the next being /usr This partition should be
your largetst I usaly make mine about 2 or 3 GB (it holds all the
aplications), and if you want you can add another for your /usr/local (if 
you add this partition I'd recomend about 2 gigs.You realy probably
should split the other O/S up a little also. The main reason you should do
this for linux, as time goes on and you get beter with Linux you might
need to unmount one of those partitions to fix it, oh, and make a bootdisk
for linux as well as a rescue if you have the option, if things go wrong
later, you'll be thankful you have it. Also make sure lilo is installed in
the /mbr. Hope this helps, good luck.