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Re: Cyber Law

Sounds good to me. All the same does this clash with IT.COM ? If so some
people would be at Bangalore-Raj, Kishore, Supreet And Babu
definitely. Most others should be available.


On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, Ankur Rohatgi wrote:

Ankur>Some professors from the Kent Law School in Chicago would be in town in the 
Ankur>first week of November . They may start a course in Cyber Laws through as 
Ankur>association they have with IIT Delhi . They are known to me and have asked 
Ankur>me to see if they can meet interested people including IT Groups .
Ankur>If we can arrange a ILUG meeting for people interested in Cyber Laws , I 
Ankur>can bring them along . The preferred date would be November 3rd .
Ankur>- Ankur.