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Re: Hypocrites (was :Another request....)

Sandip Bhattacharya wrote:
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> If you ask me Neil, I feel all these GNU folks are just plain
> hypocrites. On the one hand they invent a crappy thing like GPL,LGPL and
> stuff and harp on "tru freedom" for ppl ... on the other hand they keep
> jumping off their seats whenevr there is a compnay observing this very
> licence and contributing to the spread of the movement ... there are more
> ppl coming in and using Linux for RedHat,Mandrake etc. than Debian could
> ever have ... it's too elitist ...
> - - Sandip

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !
bhat a joke

yes I belive That cuz i started GNU/Linux
with a RH cd. but definately The RH cd is 
just Like the demo version and if you like
the demo version of a s/w you should go and
get the real thing.

   The only "intuitive" interface is a nipple.
   After that, it's all learned.
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