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Re: No smtp

Pankaj Kaushal <apenguinhead@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Vipul Mathur wrote:
> > why dont you use the local sendmail for sending mail as well??
> > >
> > > what do i do when i have only a pop server
> > > will any smtp server will serv me and deliver
> well y don't you just pass me the already cooked sendmail
> conf file

Well I sure could send you the file but I am using the default
sendmail.conf. Thats from RH, I dont't know about Debian... yet ;-)

ps -ax

shows something like [sendmail: accepting connections on port 25]

When I send thru my box, the mail is sent immediately if possible, or queued
for later delivery. The queue can be cleared manually by

sendmail -q

and viewed by mailq. Sendmail can also be run in a "queueing only" mode
where it will not try to send immediately so that you can go offline, write
replies at leisure and keep queueing them. When you connect, a sendmail -q
would do the job. The process is detailed in sendmail docs.


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