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Re: SETI at home: Version 3.0 now available

Supreet Sethi <supreetsethi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I was thinking of using SETI or shall I say SETI using me. But i came to
> know its not free software. I don't care what it does or what it processes
> It's NOT free.
> thank you very much
> this is not anger against any of you guys but towards a project as a whole

There is a very good reason why SETI is not Free(dom). This issue is talked
about in their FAQ also. SETI is a scientific experiment and if its source
were to be available, people would be able to modify it then analyze data
with modified clients. This would destroy the scientific integrity of the
project. In fact, SETI has faced big problems in the past just because
someone reverse engineered the client and made it return spurious results.

So I think it is correct on SETI's part not to make the project open-source
and free(dom).


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