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Re: Tar an bootable Floppies

For tarring your any files USE
tar -cvf  filename.tar.gz  files_to_tar
where the names are for as following
           c  =====>  compress using tar
           v  =====>  Be verbose
           f  =====>   Force the process even if the filename.tar

Another good option to use is z  or I(capital i)
          z  =====>  Also use gzip compression
           v  =====>  Use bzip2 compression

For extracting the stuph
its easy instead of using **c** for compress
                            use   **x** for extraction

Happy Compressing and de-compession

Goldwyn Rodrigues wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> Please tell me how can we make bootable floppies in RH Linux 6.2
> Secondly please tell me how to create and exrtact a tape archive
> I tried
> tar -cvf /home/user/abc.tar /home/user/*
> but it gives me errors saying the file abc.tar does'nt exist.
> Then I made a blank file and used the same command but still it gives the
> error cannot add to archive abc.tar.
> Please tell me how to extract too... i guess it is tar -xvf abc.tar
> /home/user/abc.tar /home/user.
> I tried these commands from a book but they don't seem to work. MAybe you
> can help
> Thanx in advance.
> Goldwyn :o)
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Jaswinder Singh Kohli
 Two things are infinite, the universe and the human stupidity,
 but I am not yet sure about the universe.    (Albert Einstein)